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silica aerogel

World’s lightest material found for the sake of Siachin Soldiers by ISRO. According to the available sources ISRO Space Tech was proud to be the developer of a first ever Light Weight material called silica aero gel or “blue air”, which has excellent thermal resistance and can be filled in the soldier’s uniform. In order to safe guard them from the cold as we are forced to lost approximately 41 valuable souls at Siachen Glacier for the past three years. since 1984 among 1000 lives died on the Siachen Glacier in which only 220 have been assassinated in the war and rest only due to cold.

siachin zone

      ISRO invented the lightest material known so far, which is also known as frozen smoke and also it might be useful in insulating rocket engines according to them. And in the first phase the material is used for the Siachin based armed forces and then for the citizens who are forced to work in extreme cold conditions. But so many things are to be taken into consideration before it comes into force. Because it is still very fragile and brittle by its nature and scientists are working to make it tough and resilient.
    By almeans it is a very great development by ISRO,which is very familiar for its space research. Apart from that  somany things are being researched for the sake of mankind and the above said is nothing but a finest example for that. And the silica aerogel can be a host for miracles in the days to come.
And It is again an ocation for us to salute the excellence of beloved scientists for this success.

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